Saturday, 4 May 2013

Another Finish, A new start and a Travelling pattern (phew long title!!)

Hello there

Hope you are all having a good weekend.  My kiddies are with their father, who thought it was OK to turn up late!!  Yes 10 minutes is a long time for 5 kiddies who think because it's gone 2pm Daddy isn't coming :-(

They started complaining, that 10 minutes turns into tears and tantrums that could have been avoided by being on time!!!  Stress for no reason is not good or fair!  Rant over lol !!

Well Margaret Sherry Culinary Cat is finished yay yay yay!!!

Isn't he cute 

I started the next teacher stitch last night and I got it nearly half finished.  It is Musical Mouse designed by Margaret Sherry :-)

Musical Mouse

I also received the fabric from Polstitchers for Ryan's Dragon.  Its totally gorgeous :-)

'Fields of Green'
by polstitchers

The colours aren't showing up too
good on the photo

Last but by no means least ... A Travelling Pattern

I hunted the blogs today for Travelling patterns and found 1 or 2 but not many so I thought I would start another one off :-)

Travelling pattern

I will get stitching and then yel when i'm ready to pass on!

Anyone know of Travelling patterns up for grabs?  You wouldn't think I had a Uni essay to do for 10 days time lol!!  Oh well .... S T I T CH I N G   T I M E :-)

Have a great weekend

Love me xxx


  1. So cute! Congrats on your new finish :D

    Oh I'd love to stitch that LK :)
    So far I know that Dani just received the travelling pattern I made, a couple of weeks ago, 'Life's a stitch'. If you want to follow up, here's her blog:

  2. Beautiful stitching. The Culinary Cat is so adorable.

  3. Aww super cute finish ..I love her..
    Sending you bug hugs x

  4. Honestly, children are so unreasonable, expecting their parent to be on time! I suppose he'll bring them back late and throw out the bedtime routine for the little ones? Because that's fair isn't it?
    I did a few travelling patterns a while back and really enjoyed them but I'll pass this time and let someone else have a go.
    Love your Margaret Sherry cat, so cute.

  5. Love your MS stitching!! What a cute travelling pattern! :)

  6. Adorable stitching. I feel your kids pain. Very unfair on them:(

  7. ohhh well done on the finish and love the new start well I am bias heheheh ... I am a mouse and I am musical too ;) that new fabbie looks gorgeous and not seen any TP's for awhile soooo like this one ... :
    will defo pop my name down as haven't see this one :) love mouse xxxxx
    ps hope he had a good excuse as to why late ??? as 20 mins is a long time to little ones ....

  8. Love your fabby, and would love to be included in the travelling pattern if it gets going.

  9. Such a nice fabric, and a great finish! 10 minutes doesn't seem that long to me, but then, I don't have kids so I can't really understand the situation. I like the travelling pattern idea, too.
    Also, as a fellow uni student, it's entirely acceptable to be procrastinating this way ;)

  10. Oooh congrats on your little finish, it's so sweet!!! I love your LK choice for traveling pattern, it would be a joy to stitch!! Have a lovely day x

  11. Great finish and another cute design for travelling. I understand about your essay, I have 5 different assignments to complete in the next 5 weeks. Trying to fit everything is tough. Oh forgot to mention, very pretty fabric for a dragon.