Saturday, 11 May 2013

I'm a very naughty girl .....

Today I was a very bad bad girl and I should go and sit in the naughty corner for many years ....

Why was I naughty?  Oh I'm sure you don't want to know ... lol

OK OK OK sit back on your chair properly before you fall off and I will tell you ...

Today I bought ...

Lavender and Snow Pearls Biscornu Kit
Designed by Polstitchers

AND ....

Bees and Butterflies Scented Ornament Kit
Designed by Polstitchers

Both of these beautiful pieces I intend to make up for the Omagh Shoe which is in July.  Last year I won first prize in the cross stitch section so I think I have to have a good go at protecting my winners title lol!!

I think I will make a few other things and enter them in the 'other crafts' section and see how I go :-)

And next week I am going to get this for James as he is about to do his A-Level in ICT
Shhhhh don't tell him as its a surprise :-)   xxxx

A Dictionary of Technology
Designed by Bothy Threads

Well its bedtime for me as I have a crazy day tomorrow.  Ryan starts his guitar lesson but at the same time Conor is at a Karate 'convention' so he is going in one direction with his big sis whilst I take Ryan the other direction with Ryan and James minds the other ones!!  

It is all go go go here at the moment with all kinds of yummy stuff but we are very use to it as this is what life has been like of a weekend for about 18 months with just Laura, James and myself entertaining the 5 little ones and taking them here there and everywhere!! They have just as much of a full social diary as myself, Laura and James :-)  Its so good having a nice social life and having friends dropping in or me going out and being with people I adore :-)

Ok enough of me going on lol

Have fun and I will show off my new kits when I get them ... better get them made up quick as July is only around the corner ... Oh heck that means I'm only a few months off being another year older!!  Oh ok I hope July takes years to arrive lol 

Lots of love
Me xxxx


  1. Nice stash! Of course you have to defend your title so it's totally necessary spending!
    I love the technology design, I've seen their other dictionaries but not this one.

  2. Two beautiful kits, I have looked at the bee one for a while, but so far have resisted. You must never get a minute at the weekend. I am off to Ayrshire this weekend, my DS has basketball training. You must be so glad that the older children can help out.

    1. Yes so glad the older ones can help out. If it wasn't for Laura,23, and James,17, didn't help my 5 little ones wouldn't and couldn't do extra activities. Conor has done karate since January 2012 but his father decided never to be home of a weekend from October 2011 so it was myself, Laura and James who amused the kids. My 2 eldest put their own things on hold so their brothers and sisters don't miss out :-) xxxxx

  3. Yup; get in that naughty chair (remember to take your stitching with you) the technology one: that is my idea of technology lol!

    1. Oh I love the sound of that naughty step!x I hadn't seen the technology kit before either til I went on the sewandso website :-) This kit would amuse James no end lol

  4. Aw great new stash! Don't feel bad, you HAD to get it to keep up with the title!!! :D

  5. Ohhh beautiful designs :) I loooove the second! I think I need to go shop a little too ;) hehehhe

  6. The biscornu and ornament kits are so pretty! I've seen the Technology design and thought it would be great for my son, too!