Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Another one bites the dust :-)

Hello all!!

How is everyone doing today?  Today it is pouring with rain but yesterday it was lovely and sunny ... so sunny in fact that Laura got most of the grass cut.  Well it seems that we have had our summer, one day better than none I suppose lol!!

I got another teacher gift finished on Monday!  5 down ... one to go!!  That's providing some of the kiddies don't decide they want some done for the teaching assistants! 

Musical Mouse
designed by Margaret Sherry

I am making good progress with the Travelling pattern and hope to be ready to post off the end of next week.  I have an Open University Essay to have sent off by Tuesday so once that's done I will have many months free for stitching as that essay is the last in the course and no more until October :-)

Tomorrow all of us are going to have a group family photo taken professionally.  I cant wait!  I got the kids some lovely clothes.  Katie and Cara have got a new dress each :-) Oh they will love me forever lol!!

Have a great day :-)

Love me 


  1. What a cute little musical mouse! So sweet! I'm sure the teacher will love it :) Have a great photo shoot tomorrow x

  2. Cute design. I have an a final research report due on Tuesday too. My course finishes in June and I will have so much more free time to stitch and do other things by then.

  3. He is so very cute...well done!

  4. ooooo this is soo cute ... me with my violin and yes I can play it a bit or at least could do hahahaha ... well done on another finish :) love mouse xxxxx