Monday, 13 May 2013

The dastardly deed is done .....

Hello all!!

Whoop Whoooooop Open University Eassy sent and that was the last Essay for my psychology Course ... now for October to come around for the start of my next 2 courses sooooo who is up for some stitching and reading?

ooooo yeah ME!!!!

I have a few things to do over Tuesday and Wednesday but with luck I can be back at things in full 'Heather' style on Thursday!!

I cannot wait to get back to my stitching now as I have missed it the last week or so!  Watch that needle fly ....

Me doing a happy dance 

Happy stitching/crafting all!!!

Love me xxxx


  1. Congratulations! Time to party!

  2. Yayyyyyyyy
    Count me in the fun sis..I am dancing too x

  3. Good on you!!! Time to relax a bit :D

  4. ooooo well done ... can't wait to see what your needle does :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Well done on getting your essay done. I am still working on mine, my DS was asking me lots if questions in my research and I gave him some great answers, wish I had recorded it. I am looking forward to my course ending in June.

  6. uhuuuu!! Congrats sweetie :D