Friday, 10 May 2013

So excited, life is good, fun stuff and my TUSAL

Good Morning happy Bloggers and crafters

Today is TUSAL day :-)

TUSAL 10 May 2013

Yesterday evening was brilliant for my 7 children and me!!  We went for a family group photo!  I got the children and myself some new clothes for the occasion so we looked wonderful :-)  We cannot wait to get the proofs in about 2 weeks time.  So excited!!

Here is a sneaky peak at my little girls!  Photos taken on mobile phone so quality isn't too great but the kids are!!!

Cara and Katie
Sisters together and best friends forever 

"My Pretty" says Cara
You sure are my sweetie pie :-)

Today is going to be a brain day as I have my essay to finish off then I can stitch stitch stitch.

Just like the post title Life is fun, good and happy theses days!  Myself and the kids are so happy and have become even more close to each other.

Now Heather, get off your blog and do your essay then you can play!!  lol

Bye for now

Love me


  1. Your little girls look gorgeous! Such cuties.

    Wow, you have been busy....lots of orts in the jar.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Have fun with your essay & see you later with some great stitchy updates! x

  3. Aww sweet looking smart princess xx

  4. awwwww they look adorable .... glad they enjoyed their new dresses :)
    well done on the orts and good luck with the essays too : ) love mouse xxxxx

  5. What pretty little girls, can't wait to see the pictures of you and all your babies! You're TUSAL looks great.