Friday, 4 January 2013

Yesterdays Adventures


Today I have done a few lines on my HAED Fireside Fairtytales but I couldn't get peace to concentrate so I got my Charlie Bear SAL out that I am doing with Steph.  See her blog as she is making brilliant progress.

I'll have to post a picture in the morning as my camera is taking the photo orange lol  Bad light is the culprit!!

I love Margaret Sherry Designs but I haven't stitched any of hers since I did the Karate Dog for Conor, which then reminded me I need to do him another Karate Dog but with a yellow belt on!!  Better get a move on, plus add that 'job' to my WIP/To-Do list before I forget again!!

Anyway back to the Margaret Sherry lovers blog I decided that since there is a year to complete the piece I might as well join up and get myself back into the Margaret Sherry frenzy I used to be in many moons ago lol!!

So looking forward to this .... in all my excitement of my new found 'joining-in' so far in 2013 I must remmber that I have 2 Open University essays to do by the end of march lol!!

Bye for now


Margaret Sherry Design

Karate Dog for Conors Red Belt (9th Kyu)

Need to do a Yellow Belt Karate Dog

For his 8th Kyu


  1. The karate dog is adorable! He reminds me of the old cartoon Hong Kong Phooey from my childhood :)