Sunday, 27 January 2013

SAL - Air Goddess Progress

Good Afternoon friends :-)

I hope you all are having a good weekend.  I have a few hours before the kiddies are home so I thought I would update my blog with my Saturday Stitching on Air Goddess by Joan Elliott.

I have started in the middle of the chart (as suggested for most Cross Stitched charts) but I hate working up the fabric so I will slowly work my way up to the top of the design then work my way down.

I don't know about you but for me I find my stitching just goes all lumpy bumpy working my way up the design lol!!  I normally work out how far up from the middle the top is and start there but I didn't want to make a mess on this lovely piece so I did it 'right' for a change lol :-)

Air Goddess By Joan Elliott
Progress after one evening of stitching

How much stitching did you get done this weekend?  Loads and loads I hope xxx

I got a little done, not as much I had hoped, but I am delighted just the same.  Tried to stitch on her this morning but the daylight is rubbish as its so dark outside and its pouring with rain.  

So I have put her away and will crack on with my Winter Exchange for Stitched With Love Exchange Blog .... oh I've just spotted a Spring Exchange on there!!!!  

Have a wonderful day all

Love me 


  1. Nice little update! I'm sure it will look beautiful when finished :)

  2. Great progress. On large designs I always start in the middle and tend to complete the bottom left section first.

  3. You made wonderful progress on Air Goddess already!

  4. Good start there Heather. Can't wait to see her *grow* :) Very little stitching on my side....was wayyyy too hot!

  5. Great start! I can't wait to see more!


  6. I know just what you mean, it just feels wrong to stitch upwards!

  7. Nice start :) I stitched a lot this weekend :D The advantage of a cold weather, staying at home with a blanket and our needles ;)

  8. I did get some stitching done this weekend, progress on January's Garnet Fairy is on my blog. I finished the white in the wings on the left side of the chart and all the other colors you can see on the left quarter :)
    Sunday was a very good stitching day