Wednesday, 6 April 2016

E is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge 2016

E is for Embellishments
Which is something I LOVE to do!

Look at her sparkly dress!
She is Gorjuss!!

I really enjoy add the little elements of beads, buttons, ribbons or any other sort of embellishments that really adds the personal touch :)

I never use to as I always thought I might spoil the look of the stitching or sewing! Now my eyes are wide open to the wonderful world of 'yummy things'!

Needless to say that my children always love looking though my embellishments and enjoy making suggestions :)

This is a Biscornu (French Pincushion) I stitched and embellished with Christmas charms and bells :)

A jingly stitched Christmas ornament

A robin with beaded berries

Embellished hanging ornie
Embellishments can be whatever you fancy! Just go with with what you like and prefer!

I hope you liked this post!
See you tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes we need to be encouraged to take that first step to deviate from the pattern and personalise our own work. Your projects have proven that it only takes a few beads to make all the difference. Lovely (gorjuss) post. :)

  2. Your projects look great with your added bling Heather.


  3. Very beautiful stitches

  4. I also do counted cross-stitch and your is beautiful! I especially love the red berries you added for the robin! I agree with you that embellishments take a piece of cross-stich to a new level and add to eye-appeal!
    Josie Two Shoes from Josie's Journal

  5. I'm still very scared to trying to do embellishments, but I have several projects waiting in the wings that have them, so I can't hold off forever.

    1. No you can't :) Scary at first but then great fun :)

  6. The beads definitely make the dress!

    I did a bit of cross stitch years ago, but it never took with me. My crafting crack is crochet.