Sunday, 10 April 2016

Great crafty weekend! Katie, Cara and Ryan!


On Friday Katie and Cara received an early, joint, birthday present from my parents :D

The girls are totally delighted and excited for all that they can make!!

I was trying to put videos on here but I couldn't get them to work properly so I have them on my G+ account if you wish to view them :D

Sewing the day away!

Cover for her iPod

Cuddling her hard work

Showing off her work

3D Chicken 
Ryan made a messy bauble

The kids had great fun :D. We all had a fantastic crafty weekend 😁 


P.S ... Remind me to stock up on plenty of fabric because I think I'm going to need lots and lots with lots more on top haha


  1. Brilliant! Looks like everyone had a awesome time creating 😊
    I have tried with Han to do crafty things, she has no patience for cross stitch or sewing, things are not made quick enough apparently! Ha ha Han loves drawing...that's her thing!
    Looking forward to seeing what else is made in the near future 😊
    Smiles 😊😊

  2. Great work all of you!
    Ikea bed linen sometimes works out cheaper than buying fabric by the metre, and it's good for cutting up and creating with!

  3. Such a lovely day of stitching. Watch out Heather, you've definitely got competition for who can make the prettiest thing! :)

  4. Wow, the things your kids made are awesome! It looked like they had a lot of fun too! I avoid sewing with a machine if I can, I don't trust it at all.

  5. What a great gift! What a great way to spend time as a family :)