Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge
J is for Jumper ... which is something that

I love to wear to keep me warm

BUT I could not knit one for all the coffee in the world!!

The world is full of jumpers lol Made from all kids of material and fabrics.

Since knitting and 'clothes making' in general is seriously making a come back many, many people are making there own!  

I would love to be able to make jumpers as I love them but I cannot knit for toffee lol

Christmas JUMPERS!!  

Hope you enjoyed this little post :D  I must get a little more organised!  I have spent days chasing my tale haha!!  Busy but very happy :D

Have a great day all

Hugs Heather




  1. Love the Christmas sweaters Heather.


  2. I cannot knit for coffee! my sister can and does - me I crochet instead - its great the little uns are on the sewing already it amazes this old woman how few children are taught any of the craft skills - you do well there girl:)

  3. I love jumpers but only if they're about 3 sizes too big so that I can snuggle up in them! :)

  4. A friend of mine made a jumper like the one in your pic - but she was artistic, a professional designer, and crafted in her spare time - I still have a wonderful rug she wove for me :)
    Such admiration for you crafters out there - love your work.
    Jemima Pett

  5. Very fun Xmas photo! I've knitted one sweater in my entire life and it went pretty well. It was adult male sized and the sleeves were the same length, so it was a win!

  6. "I could not knit one for all the coffee in the world" hahahahahahaha!!! Love this - I think it's going to become my new phrase :D

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  7. I'm in the same knitting boat, but I enjoyed reading the post! Lol.