Thursday, 21 April 2016

R is for ...#atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

R is for ... Round Robin

Which is something I haven't done for a super long time
And something I really love participating in?

My Lizzie Kate Round Robin
Have you ever done a Round Robin?  Or are you sitting there scratching your head wondering what on earth I am whittering on about?  hehe!!

This was my fabric after I had completed my 'square' on my own Round Robin (The one I would get back to keep)

My RR after my square was
stitched on it

Let me explain ...  A Round Robin is something that goes around a group and each person adds their 'personal touch to it'

A Round Robin can be anything ... so long as it goes 'around' ... In this instance my sort of Round Robin would be a stitching Round Robin (or RR for short)

So, there is a group of stitchers ...


Each stitcher starts there own Round Robin on their own piece of fabric, each choosing a theme or maybe no theme and have what is known as a surprise ...

You can tack on your boxes where you want people to stitch or you can leave the fabric blank and let the stitchers decide where to stitch.  You can also include charts, so you then get the theme you want ... or you can leave it open to choice!

My Lizzie Kate on I stitched on boxes and included the charts ... after all people do not want to spend money buying charts!  Each stitcher will use their own threads as there is no point sending threads because most will have a vast amount of threads anyway, plus it just adds to the weight and cost of the parcel!

Extra postage weight is an unnecessary expense really ... if you wish metallic threads etc to be used then they should be enclosed or you stitch that on when it comes back!!  Things can get complicated ... which is why I prefer the quick, smaller RR's such a motifs.  That way people don't get bored with massive designs!  

Once all have stitched their piece they post (on an agreed date) to the person next on the list:-

Heather would post to Katie,
Katie would post to Cara,
Cara would post to Abby
Abby posts to Heather.

We all then stitch on the other persons fabric and post on again ... so on and so on until you end up with your own one back!  Simple and fun!!

There are other versions where each stitches something for a partner and you just swap stitching! This works well!  I joined in a Round Robin like this on another blog (Butterfly Wings) a while ago!  that was the last RR I did!!

If you click on my Round Robins link you will see examples of just some of the RR's I've taken part in and also sent to my partners!!

I just love Round Robins, yes things do go wrong, like stitching goes missing in the post or someone decides to keep everything they get!!  Both are just heartbreaking, but if you do Round Robbins with people that you 'know', people that are reliable then all goes brilliantly!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I have not given you a headache!!

Bye for now


  1. Very informative post Heather. I don't do RR as I only stitch on 14ct aida.


  2. I prefer to do RR's on 14 count too! So much easier as it tends to be the preferred fabric :D

  3. Enjoyed reading! No headache :) RR is something I've heard applied only to junk mail. This one was way refreshing to know. And your image is lovely. Particularly like the Coffee Crazy bit!

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

  4. Sounds like a really fun drinking game.

    I’m exploring different types of dreams and their meanings.
    R is for Running in Slow Motion
    Stephen Tremp’s Breakthrough Blogs

  5. I was one of those wondering what on earth you are whittering on about..heehee...but now I know. This is a lovely post!

  6. Interesting Heather. I used to do embroidery as a kid but haven't done any in years. I'm an ex pat Brit by the way. Lived in Kent.

  7. Your RR looks great! I haven't participated in one yet as I have so much going on I wouldn't want to make anyone wait. :)

  8. I've seen beading round robins but not stitching ones! That's really cool!! I love it! My friend Jo referred me to your blog b/c I love to cross stitch too. My most recent blog post is about my WIPs and kits to do! :)

  9. Love Round Robins, I have done a few in the long past.
    Love the designs, you all have done.
    I like Lizzie Kate Designs.


  10. I admire people who do RRs and to end up with a beautiful piece like this must be so rewarding. Not sure I would do one though as I wouldn't want people to see my stitching! :)


  11. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.