Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge
is for Knitting ... which is something that

My Katie loves to do!!

Such great colours to choose from
Knit one -purl one ...

Here is a little link if you wish to learn to knit!  I always end up getting my fingers in a tangle in the wool lol 

Katie is really enjoying knitting!  She learnt at knitting club at school!  Great stuff!  A child of many talents!!

Can you knit?



  1. When I was little, my step-grandmother tried to teach to me to knit, then crochet, then embroidery, failing all miserably...she eventually said "let's try cross stitch, any idiot can cross stitch" and that's what stuck, but I keep saying that one day I'm going to give it another go.

  2. How great that Katie can knit. I taught myself to knit in the late 60's and I taught myself to crochet in 1972. I don't like to knit but I love to crochet.


  3. Lovely to see children Knitting well done to Katie .

  4. I agree with June, it's so nice to see children tackling crafts. Well done Katie - you're doing something I can't!

  5. I started learning to knit when I was 5 but I missed a few of the lessons at school and they didn't catch me up so I somehow managed on picking up 56 stitches and that has haunted me ever since and I hope to never have to knit again.

  6. Oh, who hasn't tried knitting at some point in their lives? My daughter does "arm knitting" where she, yes, uses her arms! It's like using size 50 needles but the effects for making a scarf are fantastic. And it's really quick! It does use up a lot of wool though, especially as she tends to amalgamate about 6 at once! You and your children ought to give it a go! :)