Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P is for #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

P is for ... Pattern (or maybe even chart!!)

Which is something 'we' use! 

A pattern in cross stitch can sometime be called a charts ... It all just depends on what part of the world you are from!

I call it a chart!  

Basically, for all those reading this post that have no clue what I am on about ... I will show you!

free chart of a shamrock

As you can see, each symbol is in it's own little square ... each square on the chart/pattern represents a square on the fabric!  Each symbol will have its own colour thread, so as long as you follow the chart then things will be simple!

You can of course swap threads and use whatever colours you like! Nothing is set in stone :D

So as long as you place each stitched symbol in the same place on the fabric as on the chart then really you cannot go wrong ... unless you miscount (hence it being called counted cross stitch!!)

Believe me it is super easy to make a mistake and not notice it for AGES!!  lol

Been there, done that and wore the hat!!  

He is a link to a lovely cross stitch (free) chart of a sewing machine!!  this will show you what i mean about the symbols ...

Haha two great passions all rolled into one!!  It must be my lucky day! 

There is also a pattern for making clothes ...

which is something that Cara wants me to do!!

Eeek she wants me to make her a dress!!  Ahhhh .... Help!!

I have only ever used templates and they are tricky enough to cut out never mind a dress!!

Jaycotts dress pattern
I really cannot see myself doing this!!  lol  It shall be fun!

I must have a look for a super easy dress pattern!!  

I hope you enjoyed this post!  I am loving this challenge!

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Bye for now


  1. I did cross stitch from patterns when I was a child and enjoyed it thoroughly. No time for it now, sadly, although I wish I did.

  2. I did a series of cross stitch panels of angels when I was first married. They took forever and had teeny tiny squares on the pattern. I had to use a highlighter to mark which areas I had done or I never would have kept it all straight.
    Don't worry about using a sewing pattern. Little girl dresses are a great place to start because the patterns are very forgiving.

  3. I can't sew much of anything, but my mom cross-stitches and knits. Cross stitching looks like something I could enjoy. Maybe someday!

  4. You'll be fine making a dress! The instructions sometimes make it more complicated than it need be so all you have to do is read, reread , reread again and translate them into English! Keep us posted on how you do.
    PS your comments are not appearing in my inbox so I'd like to thank you for them here. :)