Friday, 29 April 2016

Y is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

Y is for ... Why I love to craft! 
Which is something I really do enjoy!

I really enjoy my crafting!!  With recently learning how to use the sewing machine, then my world is my oyster!!  I just love to craft, not only to make things, but it keeps me active and it is very calming and soothing :D

Here is just a few of the things I have made for school classrooms, teachers, kiddies and myself!! 

For Katie
For Conor
For Mark
For School Colour Table
I have stitch all the colour names
in their colour!!
Round Robins
Teacher Gifts 2015
Teacher Gifts
Cara's Cushion
Floppy Pots

And lastly ... something for me!

So as you can see ... all this yummy stuff ... is WHY I love to craft!

Last letter tomorrow!!  Wow this months has gone fast!!

Bye for now


  1. I love that last one. I am so bad at math that I've wondered if cross stitching is the right medium for me. I always lose count.

  2. Oh, Heather - these are amazing! Love the stitching - and the last one made me smile ;0)

  3. These are all wonderful! The last one is particularly true ;)

  4. Love all of your finishes Heather.


  5. Belles petite broderies et finitions bonne soirée Marie-Claire

  6. You are so good at finishing your cross-stitches off :) I love crafting too, which is apparent if you look at my stash, I just counted I have more than 22 kilos of yarn:S (btw, I will have a giveaway on Sunday to try and gift away some of my excess crafting supplies if you want to join)

  7. Us followers can see your enjoyment in crafting by the number of things you make as gifts. Thank goodness you occasionally stitch/make something for yourself too! :)

  8. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited.Thank you.