Monday, 18 April 2016

O is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge 2016

O is for ... Overlocker

O is also for ... Over Dyeing Fabric and threads

Which is something I would love too do :D 

First up ... The Overlocker

Image result for janome overlocker
What a groovy machine!
An Overlocker machine is one that stitches over the edge of one or two pieces of fabric to create a seam or hem (edging).  Most overlocker machines will also cut the fabric as it goes along ... 
(ooo ... I guess the kiddies can keep my scissors, as they always end up in their bedroom! grrrr lol)

This looks pretty much like an ordinary sewing machine!  I wonder if I could work some more of my crafty magic on one of these!  Mind you, if it is anything like when I get my sewing machine out ... I wouldn't get a look in at it!!

I think once I get a lot more confidence up on the sewing machine I may well try my hand at this machine!!

Next ...

Over Dyeing fabric and threads ...

Here is a link for Martha Stewart's website which details how to Over Dye fabric!  I have never been brave enough to try!  I always make such a mess in the bathroom with hair dye ... never mind fabric dye!  oh my!!  

(image from

I found this lovely chart on the internet too!  Very handy!!

The best threads that I love to use when making something a little bit more special or fancy ...
Weeks Dye Works Threads

Image result for weeks dye works color chart
Gorgeous colours

I hope you have enjoyed this post ... two of my favourite crafts, so I have really enjoyed writing this post :D

Now back to some stitching so I will have some stitching progress to show off late on :D

Bye for now

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  1. I haven't done any large scale dyeing for years - used to do it in the washing machine - worked fine and no mess (believe me I am messy)

    I do most of my dyeing in small swatches in the microwave - very fast and as i am usually after a random look don't have to be too careful - then either crochet , if yarn, or crazy patchwork if fabric:)

  2. Good post. The overlocker looks interesting. I love WDW too!

  3. There are so many over-dyed fabrics and threads on the market that there has to be something for everybody. I have tried dyeing my own fabric but it faded in the sun so was a good job I hadn't started stitching on it! :)