Saturday, 23 April 2016

T is for ... #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge 2016

T is for ... Trim
Which is something I did today ... twice!

Good Evening bloggers and readers!

Oh boy what a day I have had!!  I have been running about like a crazy woman, as my list of chores was a long one today, as I left everything until the last moment as usual!! (sorry my post is so much later than I normally do it!!)

So we have Trim ... well today I had to shorten a new pair of school trousers for mark today! Tomorrow he and Conor are representing the school when they sing with the school Choir (OOOH school uniform wearing on a Sunday has not gone down well with the boys lol)

I had to trim off about 5 inches of the trouser legs before I could even hem them up!!

Either Mark has super short legs or the school trouser manufacturers make all their trousers extra super long!!  

Yes I even braved hemming them on my sewing machine!! Oh was I super chuffed with myself!!   

Image result for hemming school trousers sewing machine
Oh what fun!!
I still think they are a little long but since he is one of the tallest boys he will be at the back!  So as long as he shirt stays clean then all will be great!!

Trim has a few meaning ... To trim off excess fabric or to add trim ... such as ribbon or lace trim to make something look extra special

Lace Trim

Ribbons for trimming
Oh yummy lovely stuff!

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  I shall be back on Monday with to start off the final week of the A-Z Challenge!!

On Monday I intend to have a very lazy day!!  

Bye for now
Hugs and stitches!!


  1. Its nice to see u making story out of daily chores.
    Here are my takes with T
    Teej (Festivals of India)
    Tears Deceitful (Poetry)
    Do spare some time.

  2. Great job with your sewing!

  3. I'm not good at trimming my trousers - normally it isn't an issue but I have one pair of work trousers I was looking at on Friday thinking "I really need to re-hem/trim these" :)

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    Travel like a Geek Harry Potter Tour

    1. hehe Post them over and I will have a go at re-hemming them lol

  4. Love your trim!!! Especially the lace. I can see seams for crazy quilts...

  5. Ooh, I love ribbons but don't get enough chance to use them on my projects. Must try harder! :)


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