Friday, 8 April 2016

G is for ... #atozchallenge

A-Z Challenge 2016

G is for Glasses or maybe even a magnifying glass 
which aids us to see our fabulous crafting skills even better :D

Sewing on my machine
wearing my Glasses!

Which is something that I need ... 
otherwise I can't see a blooming stitch lol

The reason why I thought if G is for Glasses was because today Cara collected her new glasses from Specsavers! She has waited a very long week to collect them haha! Specaavers had a great offer on so she ended up with 3 pairs of glasses AND a pair of prescription sunglasses! She is one lucky girl!! 

Cara modeling all of her glasses!
Cara did point out all the things she couldn't do without her glasses then announced all the stitching and sewing I couldn't do without mine!! Then she made my to-do list longer with more requestes haha!! 

So, thank you my wee girl for the G post idea!!

Bye for now


  1. Cara looks so sweet with all of her glasses. Thank goodness they are designed to be small, light and hardly noticeable - remember the old NHS glasses from years ago? :)

    1. Thank u Rachel :) Oh yes I remember those glasses! Oh my, whoever designed them needed a good talking too!

  2. I just picked up my new computer glasses. I know how Cara feels!

  3. You both look great in your glasses Heather. So what did she add to your to do list?


    1. That's so sweet if you, Thank you xxx She has added dresses and shoes for her teddy lol (How do I make them??? eeek!)

  4. Catching up with all the A-Z posts today! Your's is so much fun. Lovely picture of Cara with her new glasses too.

  5. Haha. I just picked up another pair of glasses from Michael's Craft Store today. I buy them by the handful because I break them and lose them all the time. It's a family joke how many pairs I have.
    Susan Says

    1. He he Susan! I know a few people like that :) Its all good fun!