Saturday, 25 February 2012

Review of cross stitch kits by Yiotas Xstitch

As I said in an earlier posting I was asked to do a review of a cross stitch kit created by Yiotas xstitch.

I really could not decide what I wanted, took me hours and hours because I kept getting side-tracked with all the choice.

In the end I chose ..... drum roll please .....


I will admit I had a good look around yiotas-xstitch website and looked at all her cross stitch kits because I could choose whatever kit I wanted from all of the cross stitch kits that she produces.  Totally fantastic website and so easy to use.

I received my kit quickly and very well packaged.  The kit is lovely and I am delighted.  For those of you who know me know that I am not really a flower stitching person but this kit brought back wonderful memories of the house I grew up in many many years ago.  We had a massive Fuchsia bush at the bottom of the garden and I loved it so this kit made me smile.

Cross Stitch kit from Yiotas Xstitch

The chart created and printed by yiotas xstitch is excellent with large clear black and white symbols.  The paper quality that the chart is printed on is fantastic.  Included in the cross stitch kit is clear detailed instructions on how to read the chart and cross stitch tips... brilliant for beginners I think.

The cross stitch kit came with lovely 14 count aida, needle and Madeira threads pre wound on bobbins.  The bobbins are numbered with the Madeira thread number ... marvellous!  I love the threads being pre wound on bobbins because if the threads are on the thread cards I find that I tend to get the threads in a tangle easy.  BIG PLUS for me is the fact that I don't have to waste valuable time sorting the thread colours out if a particular kit you bought does not have presorted threads.  I much prefer my threads on bobbins too.

I really cannot wait to get started on my fuchsia kit and I will keep you all up dated on my progress.

Why not go and have a look at Yiotas cross stitch kits in her on line shop.  The site is easy to use and it is packed full of fantastic cross stitch kits in a vast number of categories, which is why it took me so long to pick a kit!  I kept going back to the Fuchsia as this kit really did make as much of an impression on me as Yiotas xstitch shop did.

Well done to you Yiotas. Thank you so very much. cross stitch kits and more!

The past week

Hello there,

I did not do any 'real' stitching until Friday.  I spent Monday chasing my tale, Tuesday evening at James' school at an A-Level Options evening, Wednesday I was worn out, Thursday and Friday running about again.  I did a little on my Fairy Grandmother for a couple of hours during the whole week but at craft club on Friday Morning (no way was I missing that!!) I did some more on Charlie Bear SAL that Steph stephiesstitching and I are doing of a weekend.

Tell you something exciting .... go and look at Stephs blog (link above) and see her fab stitching and for those of you who do HAEDS you will be amazed!  Brilliant work :-)

Charlie so far ... this is what he looked like when I started stitching this afternoon.

Charlie at the start of session 25th Feb 2012

I plan to do some more on Charlie tomorrow and then spend every spare second working away at Fairy Grandmother in the week.  I forgot to take an updated photo of her so will do one and show her off ASAP!!

Lovely post today ... I ordered the rest of the the threads I needed for Universe in a Jar and they arrived today along with a Punch Needle kit!  I have never tried this at all so this will be something new to me.  I looked it up and it seems really easy to do, lets hope it is as easy as it looks!

rest of the threads for Universe in a Jar

Punch Needle kit and tool
(Can't wait to start!!)

I will post updated photos on Monday of Charlie and Fairy Grandmother and lets hope next week gives me a good run at stitching her as I cannot wait to see her progress.  I want to try and get her face completed next week when the kiddies are at school.  I can do her face 2 over 2  or 1 over 1 on the 32 count evenweave.  I am opting for 1 over 1 as the detail will be spectacular so i think i need full daylight and no distractions lol  oh and my glasses :-)

Have a great weekend folks, we what is left of it

Bye for now

Love Heather :-)


Monday, 20 February 2012

Facebook Users


For any of you that use Facebook I have started a stitching group up on there.
I only set it up this evening so it is new :-)

Craft & Chat with Coffee & Cake  please join if you fancy it!!

Love Heather xxxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A lovely request

Hello fellow bloggers and crafters

I just cant believe it .....

I received an email from Yiota at and I was asked if I would like to do a review of one her cross stitch kits from her website.  She is a designer and the owner of yiotas-xstitch.  I am sure you can all guess my reply .... YES! :-)

I spent many hours choosing my kit ... you will have to wait and see what I chose lol!

With look and speedy post people I should have my kit by the end of the week.

I am so excited.  Thank you Yiota.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day all

I thought I had taken a photo of the gift I had taken for Jan but I cannot find it ... maybe I didn't take a photo after all ... I have a photo of the stitched piece but not the finished product.  I turned this lovely piece of stitching into a hanger for Jan.

I received this gorgeous gift off Jan.  Thank you so very much Jan xxx

I also received a lovely surprise from Conor, my 7 year old son xxx

Have a great evening all ..... stitching time for me!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

What I have been up to the last week or so ...

Hello fellow bloggers and crafters

I hope you are all well.  This posting might be a little long but plenty of photos to look at, so that must mean I have been up to lots of mischief lol :-)

First of all I would love to show off a wonderful gift my 4 year old and I got of a very good friend of ours ... a crotched flower for our coats.  mine was meant to be the yellow and any daughters the cream but Katie liked the yellow one (probably because she knew it was mine lol)  so we swapped.  we just love these flowers and we wear them with pride.

Mine and Katie's flowers ... just beautiful
I made lovely hangers for 2 of the ladies at the craft club I got to on a Friday morning.  One of the ladies was the one who made the flowers for Katie and I.  Both of them where totally delighted with their gifts!  This was the first time I had attached tassels so I was delighted and I think they look fantastic. Lets hope the weather improves and we get to see some lovely blooms very soon .... roll on Spring!

For 2 'Blooming' crafty ladies 
I have made good progress on my Charlie Bear SAL.  Its going to a long SAL but a very enjoyable SAL with Steph who writes

Charlie SAL as at the end of 5th Feb 2012

I have been busy working through my WIP's and this is another one I have been working on. It is called 'Gone Fishing' and the kit is a Heritage Crafts kit from the Silhouette series.  I think its going to look fantastic when finished.

Gone Fishing

As I said in a post a while ago I have taken up Latch Hooking.  I got a small kit from Hobbycraft back in October.  Its is meant to be a rug kit but I would call it more a place mat as it is tiny lol!  Its a great size to start off with as it was only a few pounds and I would rather have spent a few pounds having a practise and making a mess than buying a fantastic large kit and not enjoy latch hook rug making.  I can say that I love every minute of it but have to do it when my youngest daughter is not about as she likes the wool and runs away with it!!  

Umbrella and Hearts latch Hook 'rug' 

Other news

My friend Jan and I are doing a 'Valentines' Friendship Exchange, so I have stitched and made up her gift but I cannot show it to you all just yet ... you will have to wait until she has opened it!!

I have done about 400 stitches on my HAED Fireside Fairytales.  Its not much but its 400 stitches more than I had last week :-)

Fairy Grandmother has also had a few extra stitches put on her.  I must take photos of both of them.  

Happy Stitching and crafting everyone