Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Crazy life ...

Crazy life here for the last month or so!!  

All the kids have had stomach bugs and between them spend over 2 weeks off school!!  

Last week they had a Halloween party at school and they all got dressed up for a party at school!!  Ryan is not one for dressing up so he made his own costume and went as a modern day ghost lol  Conor had to go in his PE kit then change into costume after the PE lesson ... he got home and got changed straight away so I couldn't get a photo haha!!

My laptop was given a drink of juice by one of the kids and is being repaired.  I hope it can be fixed!  i am using Laura's laptop at the moment and all the buttons and short cuts are in different places so Im pressing the wrong buttons and I keep deleting things i have just typed lol  This is my second time of typing out this blog post ooops!!  

This morning we posted our Letters to Santa .... FAB!!!!  

Thats about the highlight of the last 4 weeks!!

Posting letters to Santa

Katie and her cat mask

Katie the Devil Fairy

Cara the cat

Ryan the modern ghost

Mark the Pirate

Robin for Round Robin

Goodies sent with Round Robin