Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Joan Elliott Fairy Round Robin and IHSW weekend

Helo to you all,

I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent mine stitching :)

I finally managed to get a really good run at Steph's Fairy RR and completed my square.  The fairies are now flying to Cucki

Fairy stitched on Stephs RR

Last week saw a few of us with colds and coughs but with luck we shall recover and be full of mischief again lol

I have a few more RR's to stitch and finish off an exchange then I will be back to my own stuff and I think I have to finish James' Dictionary of Technology before anything else haha :)

Then it will be a toss up between Summer fairy and one of my HAEDS's .... decisions decisions decisions ....

On a less difficult matter than stitching my Open University Courses will start in a few days lol!!  Now they will be so much easier than trying to decide what to stitch lol!!!

Keep well and safe all

Love me

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Joan Elliott Fairy Round Robin and a Birthday

Good Afternoon Bloggers

I have spent my spare time this week stitching Steph's Joan Elliott Round Robin.  I hope to have this done by the weekend.

JE RR as at 18 September 2013

This week we had a birthday in the family .... Conor turned 9!  Wow I cannot believe that my little ones are growing up so fast!  He had a brilliant birthday :)

Conor tucking in to his pile of presents

No other news at all from my end of the world.  Just normal school/homework/stitching lol

Until next time :)

Take care all

Love me

Friday, 13 September 2013

Stitching and Life!

Good afternoon all,

It has been a short while since I updated.  I have been busy running from home and school and a Parents Council meeting that there has not been much time for stitching but as the time increases upto full time hours for Cara in Nursery I will have a good few hours of a morning for ME! lol

So far this week I spend about 2 evenings doing my part on Steph's Joan Elliott Fairy RR and a little bit on James' surprise Dictionary of Technology.  I really need to get a move on with both of them

Steph's RR ... fairy wings
'Broadband' On James' surprise piece

I really cannot wait to see both of these completed ;-)  With luck I will get lots done over the weekend.  I really want to get James' one finished and to the framers ASAP!

Speaking of the framers I got one of Conors Karate Dogs back this morning.  He will be delighted with it when he comes home from school. 

Orange Karate Belt 
He came with me when we took the stitched dog and certificate into the framers because he wanted to choose the frame and mount!  We will get the others framed with the same frame and colour mount to match the belt colour :-)  They are going to look fabulous on the wall!!

I got my books for my Open University course yesterday and I cant wait to get stuck in.  I start a Maths course at the local college on Tuesday and Im looking forward to that too!  

Laura was ready the local paper yesterday and she spotted an advertisement from the College saying they are starting a 'Coffee and Craft Club' which is a course that does printing, ceramics, textiles and glass workings!!  I have put my name down for it.  I cant wait for a start date :-)

OU books for course

Well I had better get on with finishing the tea off before school runs!  So must go and save it from the oven before we have burnt rocks to eat!!

Have a great weekend

Love me

Thursday, 5 September 2013


On Linda Lee's blog

Cross'N My Stitches

Good luck to all who enter


TUSAL and first painting

Good afternoon all

Again, not much to report as no stitching done again but now all has settled and the days are getting back to the 'In School Routine' I will be busy busy busy again asap!

Here is my TUSAL for September .... Doesn't look much different from last month other than the kids have messed with it and it was all squashed up lol

TUSAL 5 September 2013

Cara has had another fantastic day at Nursery and here is her first painting!!  She loves to paint and draw :-)

First picture :-)

Well, I am going to get some tea sorted out for the monsters coming home from school lol

With luck there will be some stitching done tonight!!

Bye for now

Love me

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The time finally came ....

Hello all

Well the weeks finally rolled away and it soon became the time Cara to go to Nursery :-)

First Day at
Oh she just loved it and we couldn't get her to leave lol!!  She just cannot wait to get back there tomorrow!!

So now all are back to school the routine of the house can return to normal and maybe the stitches will now fly off the needle :-)  I hope so anyway!!

Have a great evening all!  I'm off to watch Cheer Perfection on TLC!  I just love this show!!

Bye for now

Love me