Thursday, 29 July 2021

I am Back! HeatherMakes lots of bootie!

 First of all, I hope you are all well.  It has been a bumpy year or so!

So far we are all doing great.  Home-schooling, lockdown after lockdown … in school then not, then back in again then home-schooling … I felt like we were doing the hockey cokey lol

I have sewn up a storm the past 18 months.  I joined a massive sewing group here in Northern Ireland and mad over 40,000 face masks between us!!

We then went on the make a charity quilt and raised £10,000!!  As well as making memory bears and cushions, I can say I have sewn up a storm!

What were you at?  I must go around the blogs and catch up with people!  Hope you all still remember me!!  I was 'locked' out of my blog for quite sometime but I think it was me just being forgetful over email address used!!  Google would just not let me in, but I won the 'fight'!!

This cutie is Charlie bear!  A new make of memory bear for me.  

His designer is Rachel from Messy Stork

Charlie Bear

My Facebook Page is HeatherMakes

My Instagram is heathermakes_sewing

I shall get more photos on as they are on y phone and i finally manged to get back on here on the laptop!!  Typical!

Hugs ... I will be back asap!