Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hope you all had ...

... a wonderful Christmas :)

I got some wonderful gifts and goodies! I must get a photo posted when I can get on a laptop lol using my Kindle at the moment!

Now I think I'm going to stitch on Summer Fairy and get myself ready with TUSAL, WIP's and Turtle Trot!!!

Have a wonderful journey into 2014


Thursday, 12 December 2013

A very late last ORT Photo ...

Here is my full jar of ORTs for 2013 along with Katie and the Christmas tree :)

Christmas Tree 2013
with Katie and ORT Jar
Cara wrote some Christmas Cards and put them under the Christmas Tree lol! She is a little Cutie Pie!!

Today Cara went to see Santa with the Pre-school she attends.  She totally loved it and all the little preschoolers looked so cute on such a big bus. Katie did her school play today and she did a wonderful job with her speaking part!

Well better get some children collected from the school bus stop as I don't think they will be impressed

Happy stitching and crafting

Monday, 9 December 2013

Im Back ....

Hello to you all :)

Well how are you all?  After a very nasty chest infection and a few sick kiddies ... I am back ... haha there is no getting rid of me is there? lol

Here is a photo of the finished Letter I on Charlie Bear :)

Charlie I and the start of Charlie J

I thought I would show you the whole thing so far :)  I cant wait to get back to it all.  I have missed my stitching :(

Charlie Bear Alphabet

I spent the weekend battling with metallic thread stitching Sliver and Gold for the Pre-school Colour of the month table ... well worth the 'naughty words' when the thread kept snapping and fraying lol!!

Thats all for now folks as no news really!  Nearly time to go and collect Cara from Pre-School!  She was so excited to be going in today as she missed a few days last week.

So have a great day and I'll be back very soon to annoy you all lol

Lots of love

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Long time since last post ....

Hello :)

So sorry I've not posted for a week or so but I've not been too well.  I do have a letter from my Charlie Bear Alphabet SAL that I finished the other week so I will get a photo posted asap :)

I've completed my exchange for the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog but sorry  folks I'm not allowed to show you a photo yet haha!!!!

Hope you are all more fit and healthy ... not like me lol

Bye for now



Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Winner Is ......

Sorry it has taken me a few days longer to get the winner picked .... Things have been cray busy here!!

Anyway Congratulations to .....



Well done!!  Please e-mail me your address and I'll post your prize to you


Friday, 15 November 2013

New Stash and Giveaway

Hello all

The giveaway winner will be drawn over the weekend ....  Good Luck all

I got a lovely surprise in the post the other day.  I received Ladybird Fairy chart and fabric from Steph

Ladybird Fairy by Joan Elliott
Fireworks Fabric by Polstitchers
Thread and beads

I bought the threads myself so I could make a start on the Fairy this weekend whilst the kiddies are away :)
I hope I can get lots done!!

No other news from my part of the world.
The usual 'Home-life' stuff!!  Nothing exciting lol

Lots of stitching love

Thursday, 7 November 2013

GIVEAWAY (at last!!)


Here is my giveaway that I have promised for a while!!!

Giveaway :)


1)  To be a follower .... new follower or already following :)
2) Post a link to my giveaway on your blog

That's it ....

Good luck


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Another letter done plus a few e-mails!! And Tusal

Hello there,

First of all I have finished the letter H on my Charlie bear sampler oooo yay!!  He is a little cutie :)

Charlie H

The kids have been away this weekend so I have stitched on Summer Fairy.  I am concentrating on the wings then get the ribbons completed.  After that I think I might start on some of the backstitch before doing the bottom half!!  

My TUSAL for November ...  


The e-mails ... well they were about the house!  I looked into the company that have taken over the house to see on behalf of the bank that repossessed from the landlord and the company is a massive international corporation.  I spent a while going through their website and reading up what they exactly do and part of their organisation helps re-home tenants!!!  

Well this hit a nerve with me because I was having problems finding another house big enough within the area we as a family need for schools.  The only places I could get that would take 5 young children (they didn't count in Laura or James because they are classed as adults) where too far away, with no bus to their schools so it would be a case of 40 minute drive each way for all but Cara as she isn't allowed on the bus with being a Nursery child or change their schools!!!  So with Cara I would have to go back to collect her at 12.15 when Nursery ends ... I would spend the week driving lol

Change of schools is not an option because the landlord not paying his bills is not a life changing situation for us .... way should it be .... so I e-mailed the company and explained the situation plus quoted parts of their website about how they help the tenants and asked why was I not offered this help!!

Hey presto ... they have put off having us move before Christmas as I could only afford the move or Christmas.  Why should the kids suffer????  They will help re-locate us and it will be done in my time so we do not end up somewhere silly and out of the school bus route!  So its all happy happy happy here :-) Christmas is back on!!!

It has been a hell of a week, plus the kids have been off for Half Term so not much else done!!!  

Well its is off to get a memo done for school as I am running a Coffee Morning in the school on Thursday ... a coffee morning organised by parents for parents ....  That's a first :)  Looking forward to it!

Have a great Sunday
See you all soon

Love me

P.S I have not forgotten about the give away .... with everything else I have been run off my feet!!  In fact I will set that up once I have this memo done :)  Watch this space!!!  

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dictionary Of Technology .... FINISHED!!! Plus Blogoversary :)

Hello all!

First of all I would like to say Happy Blogoversary to my blog!!  I can't believe another year has gone by!!! Time passes so fast these days!!  I had meant to do a give away but just never got around to it so I will do so asap!!  I can't let the event go around with out giving presents :)

Today I finished James' Dictionary of Technology and I am delighted!!  I will take it to the framers on Monday!!  What a wonderful day to have a finish to show off on my blog to celebrate my blogoversary lol

Finished 26 October 2013
Now it is Charlie Bear time.  I was going to start something else but I have an Open University assignment to put in soon so I will concentrate on that before a new start plus I got bad news the other day and we have to move!

I rent the house I'm in and the house has to be sold so we have to move :(  but there is nothing I can do to stop the house being sold so there is no point having a strop on with the people concerned... just have to get on with it!!  So there is a lot of clearing out to do and a new home to find that is close to schools which is the main priority in all of this!! I do hope to cling onto staying here for Christmas.  I suppose it all depends on when an offer is made.  Once that's done I will have 4 weeks to move.  The for sale sign goes up sometime next week, well so I am told lol ... who knows what will happen but I have to be prepared!  I just hope I don't get messed about by other people involved!!! 

Well I am off to have a coffee, raid the cupboards and then stitch the evening away!!

Have a great evening

Love me

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Cara the Witch


Just thought I would share this photo with you all as Cara looks adorable :) The Pre-School had a Halloween party for the little ones today and they were allowed to go all dressed up!!  Cara loved it :)

She has spent the afternoon turning me into frogs, cats, dogs and a duck lol

Witchy Cara
Well back to the stitching as Dictionary of Technology is nearly finished!!  I aim to get it to the framers tomorrow so fingers crossed!!

Happy Crafting all

Love me xxxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Halloween Exchange and Technology .... update

Hello all!

Wow its been a while since I was here .... busy busy busy bee lol

I have finished another Round Robin - A Ghost in fancy dress lol

Isn't he scary!!  
I have received a fab parcel from the Halloween exchange over on the Margaret Sherry Lovers blog.  My exchange is from Rita :)

All goodies from Rita

A lovely notebook

I plan to use this note book fro my stitching Diary next year :)

This is the package I sent to my partner Valerie and she loves her goodies!!!

All the goodies I sent

I have also spent some time stitching on James' Dictionary of Technology and I have one more square left to do ...

For James
I cant wait to get this one finished and off to the framers :-)

Have a fun Sunday evening!

Love me

Sunday, 6 October 2013

October TUSAL

A day late ooops sorry lol ....

5th October

In the back ground there is a Tourists souvenir of the Eiffel Tower that James bought me many years ago :) I just love it!!

Have a wonderful crafting day!!

Love me

Thursday, 3 October 2013

A Finish or two and a birthday girl

Hello all

Well over the last week or so I have been busy fighting off a cold and it is starting to go around a few of us now!!  Today Conor was off school today as he isn't too well.  He has had a high temp again today so he will be off school tomorrow too :(

Katie had her 6th Birthday last week and she had  blast!!  She loved all her presents and cards off her lovely family and friends :-)  What a great day she had!!

The grand old age of 6 years old

A few days ago Cara had to take an object into Pre-School for the colour table and this month the colour is Red.  So I gave Cara something red to take in and her Pre-School Teacher seemed quite disappointed that I hadn't stitched the word red in red thread like I did for a few other colours when Katie was there 2 years ago!  I was amazed she had remembered so that night I stitched for a very long time ... well an hour lol ... and produced 

Red for the Colour Table

I have finished my stitch on Jan's Round Robin 

Jan's RR

I am in the process of another RR which has a Halloween theme and I hope to have that finished by the weekend.

I have also complete and posted off my Halloween Exchange but I cannot show a photo just yet!!

The children are away at the weekend so I am getting my HAED out and stitching on that.  I started Fireside Fairy Tales many many years ago and the fabric is quite grubby now and some of the stitching is all lumpy bumpy so I am starting again but I am doing the mini version of the chart.  This way I might actually get somewhere with it lol :)

Tomorrow is Parent-Teacher meeting for Katie.  I know all will be well as Katie is getting on really well in year 2.

I hope to have another finish to show you by Friday and then HAED all weekend long :-)  I cannot wait!!!

Have a fun time

Love me


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Joan Elliott Fairy Round Robin and IHSW weekend

Helo to you all,

I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent mine stitching :)

I finally managed to get a really good run at Steph's Fairy RR and completed my square.  The fairies are now flying to Cucki

Fairy stitched on Stephs RR

Last week saw a few of us with colds and coughs but with luck we shall recover and be full of mischief again lol

I have a few more RR's to stitch and finish off an exchange then I will be back to my own stuff and I think I have to finish James' Dictionary of Technology before anything else haha :)

Then it will be a toss up between Summer fairy and one of my HAEDS's .... decisions decisions decisions ....

On a less difficult matter than stitching my Open University Courses will start in a few days lol!!  Now they will be so much easier than trying to decide what to stitch lol!!!

Keep well and safe all

Love me

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Joan Elliott Fairy Round Robin and a Birthday

Good Afternoon Bloggers

I have spent my spare time this week stitching Steph's Joan Elliott Round Robin.  I hope to have this done by the weekend.

JE RR as at 18 September 2013

This week we had a birthday in the family .... Conor turned 9!  Wow I cannot believe that my little ones are growing up so fast!  He had a brilliant birthday :)

Conor tucking in to his pile of presents

No other news at all from my end of the world.  Just normal school/homework/stitching lol

Until next time :)

Take care all

Love me

Friday, 13 September 2013

Stitching and Life!

Good afternoon all,

It has been a short while since I updated.  I have been busy running from home and school and a Parents Council meeting that there has not been much time for stitching but as the time increases upto full time hours for Cara in Nursery I will have a good few hours of a morning for ME! lol

So far this week I spend about 2 evenings doing my part on Steph's Joan Elliott Fairy RR and a little bit on James' surprise Dictionary of Technology.  I really need to get a move on with both of them

Steph's RR ... fairy wings
'Broadband' On James' surprise piece

I really cannot wait to see both of these completed ;-)  With luck I will get lots done over the weekend.  I really want to get James' one finished and to the framers ASAP!

Speaking of the framers I got one of Conors Karate Dogs back this morning.  He will be delighted with it when he comes home from school. 

Orange Karate Belt 
He came with me when we took the stitched dog and certificate into the framers because he wanted to choose the frame and mount!  We will get the others framed with the same frame and colour mount to match the belt colour :-)  They are going to look fabulous on the wall!!

I got my books for my Open University course yesterday and I cant wait to get stuck in.  I start a Maths course at the local college on Tuesday and Im looking forward to that too!  

Laura was ready the local paper yesterday and she spotted an advertisement from the College saying they are starting a 'Coffee and Craft Club' which is a course that does printing, ceramics, textiles and glass workings!!  I have put my name down for it.  I cant wait for a start date :-)

OU books for course

Well I had better get on with finishing the tea off before school runs!  So must go and save it from the oven before we have burnt rocks to eat!!

Have a great weekend

Love me

Thursday, 5 September 2013


On Linda Lee's blog

Cross'N My Stitches

Good luck to all who enter


TUSAL and first painting

Good afternoon all

Again, not much to report as no stitching done again but now all has settled and the days are getting back to the 'In School Routine' I will be busy busy busy again asap!

Here is my TUSAL for September .... Doesn't look much different from last month other than the kids have messed with it and it was all squashed up lol

TUSAL 5 September 2013

Cara has had another fantastic day at Nursery and here is her first painting!!  She loves to paint and draw :-)

First picture :-)

Well, I am going to get some tea sorted out for the monsters coming home from school lol

With luck there will be some stitching done tonight!!

Bye for now

Love me

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The time finally came ....

Hello all

Well the weeks finally rolled away and it soon became the time Cara to go to Nursery :-)

First Day at
Oh she just loved it and we couldn't get her to leave lol!!  She just cannot wait to get back there tomorrow!!

So now all are back to school the routine of the house can return to normal and maybe the stitches will now fly off the needle :-)  I hope so anyway!!

Have a great evening all!  I'm off to watch Cheer Perfection on TLC!  I just love this show!!

Bye for now

Love me


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What I have done and an (unexpected) Finish

Hello there!

This last week I have done n exchange piece, which I cant show you just yet :-) plus started a 2nd Exchange. Then has an unexpected finish!!!  Let me explain ....

I am doing the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog SAL and Katie decided she wanted what I had stitched and that she didn't want anymore of the doggies on the fabric ... so I thought "OK" ... so I have an unexpected finish!  Since as much or as little of the chart can be stitched so I did not see the point in stitching something that wouldn't be put to good use!  lol

So here is my MS Doggie

MS Lovers Blog SAL

I also took part in the MS Lovers Blog Anniversary Exchange and my partner has now received her gifts :-)

This is what I sent to my partner :-)

MS Cat in mug

All the parcel goodies

I will admit I love exchanges and I am hooked and must have a sneaky look about for some more!!

Well, we have a few days left of the School Summer Holidays and the kids are starting to get restless now.
Some cant wait to go back and others don't want to go back lol!!  Oh well, we cant please them all haha
We are all set and ready for return on Monday.

This week James started his driving lessons, Laura has been looking about for a car and me ... well you will never guess what I did?  Do you give up? .... bet you do lol

I enrolled at the local college for Math and Computer courses :-)  I cannot wait to get started!!   It will mean a little less stitching time but I think it is so worth the work!  Plus I have OU courses waiting to start in October!!  Study Study Study but good good good!  I really need to sort a rotation of my stitching out ... see Stephies Stitching as she wrote a post about it lol!  I'm a copy cat haha!!  Also see her finish ... its fantastic :-)

Conor and I collected a whole pile of photos and stitching I had taken to the framers over the summer so we had a re-arrange of the 'walls' and a large print I had in the living room Katie wanted in her room so that's where she chased James off too with a hammer and nail lol!!  Go Katie - you boss James about and keep him busy!!  Whilst we were going to framers Conor took his penguin and one of his karate dogs with certificate!  He is now excited waiting to get them back!  

Well, no other news at all!  

Have a great time, be good and happy crafting :-)

Love me

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Take a look ...

Hello there

My friend Steph from Stephies Stitching Blog and I have been having a big chat about all out WIP's and UFO's that we have and needless to say we are a little shocked at what we have started lol!!

Steph has posted on her blog asking about how other stitchers do rotations etc and do they work.

She has explained it better in her post :-

Help!! So many WIP's!!

so have a read and if you have any suggestions please post a comment on her blog and let her (and me) know :-)

Rotation/routine/organisation for us both is required hahaha!!

No1 rule - don't start anything else before finishing something! Oh that reminds me I need to start Ryan's dragon ooooo!!!


Not much stitching going on here.  Roll on 3rd September when normal routine starts again!

Bye for now

Love me

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Penguin, Children Home and Hermit weekend


Wow it has been quite a few days since my last update!! 

The kiddies are home and have been for nearly a week now and wow weeee its great having them back but Oh Boy what a mess!!!

First of all they had a total blast but I will admit I am furious because they didn't have a wash/bath/shower whilst away .... oh yes kids made up but goodness they were piggin dirty and smelly!!  What made things worse was Conor had a skin infection on his face.  Even Conor asked why his dad didn't take him to the Doctor!!  

Goodness me  .... totally ridicules and really no need for the state they came home in!!!  One of the children in particular has had a really bad attitude since they came home.  Grrrr 

On a nicer note .... the kids love their organised and sparkling clean rooms and to my total amasement they have kept them tidy!  I got them boxes for under their beds for toys and they have kept the toys in them :-) I even had the sense to get a big box for the lego and that even gets put away so my feet are delighted .... no more standing on tiny pieces of lego lol!!  

I haven't managed anymore on my Fairy Grandmother and this is what she looked like last Sunday

As 11th August

Conor is Penguin mad so I stitched this for him to cheer him up.
He wants to get it framed and up on his wall. Conor ... the framing fairy (mummy) will be on to it ASAP lol

Penguin for Conor
Stitched 16 August 2013

I have started an exchange and done a Round Robin also the last week or so!  Busy Busy Busy!!

I will be carrying on with a second RR for Hermit Weekend 

Have a lovely weekend all!!

Love me

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fairy Grandmother and TUSAL

Good Morning all,

Well over where I am it has been lovely weather until last night and then it poured with rain for hours!  It is still raining slightly which is a pain as I am off into town to get my hair cut this afternoon and then go and get most of the kids uniforms for September!!  Not long now until they are back in school!

The kiddies sound like they are having a blast with their father. Ryan has phoned everyday so far and sometimes phoned more than once lol!  Think he is missing us :-)  Spoke to the others too! Monday was a strange day as it was his birthday and there was not celebrations, cake or anything here as no one was home :-( James is still having a great time at my parents!!  

Yesterday was TUSAL day and I only remembered about it late last night!  So here is my TUSAL with all the threads so far from this year .... 

TUSAL as 6th August

I have spent a good few solid days stitching away on my Fairy Grandmother that has been a WIP for a long time!

At long last my Fairy Grandmother has a face!!  Her head will float until the very end as she has a collar of beads but I wont do them just yet.

Fairy Grandmother
as 6th August 2013

I hope to get more done on her over then net few days.  I will get some of the metallic threads in to fill in the gaps and make her look a little more full and complete!!  Also I will make a start on the second wing.  Lots of colour changes in the wings!  

I have a few exchanges to get finished too.  All systems go with the stitching this week!!

Have a great day all

Love me

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy Saturday to you

Hello there!

I hope you are all having a great day.  My 5 little kiddies have gone to their fathers for 9 days.  The house has gone so quiet lol!!

I intend to stitch on my Fairy Grandmother and see how much I can get done of her!  She has been a WIP for so long now that maybe she should actually be classed as a UFO!!!

I think I will do some more on her face and put some of the metallics in to make her look more like a lady!!

Here is a photo of the Michael Powell stitching I did last month!! I stitched on the yellow fabric Jan bought me but my camera is not too good on picking up fabric shades.

Vase of Hearts

From the Michael Powell book my very good
bessie bought me for my birthday.

My progress of James' surprise present Dictionary of Technology is coming along lovely!  I am really delighted with my progress.

Dictionary of Technology

I will put this one away for now to spend loads of uninterpreted time on my Fairy Grandmother.  I think by Monday I'll be wondering around the house like a little lost sheep lol  The kids didn't want me to go far from home in case they wanted to come back! This is the longest they have been away from home I will do as they wish as a 'just in case'!

Whats the bets they'll have such a great time away I wont hear a peep from them lol  Oh well next year I shall book myself a holiday if that's what happens :-)

Right then, I'm off to stitch on my Fairy Grandmother ... see you all soon :-)

Have a great weekend

Love me

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Good News and a general up-date :-)

Hello there all!

Wow my posts are few and far between this month ... (Blame the kids lol)

With the holidays computer use is limited and stitching is in fits and starts depending on the weather!!  I have done a few more of James' Dictionary of Stitches but the kids have been using my camera and I cant find the memory card I had the photo on!  I think it is in Ryan's room so I will get it in the morning and post a photo plus a photo of the Michael Powell stitch I did weeks ago!  Oh I'm slow this month haha!!

All in all great summer holidays so far well until the rain came that was!

The children are off to their father's for a whole 9 days on Saturday ... I shall have to plan myself some mischief I think lol :-)

Anyway, my good news ....

Katie had a Hospital appointment last week, which included a scan of her heart and the hole has very nearly closed :-)  The scan actually showed the part of the heart that has healed!!  It is so small now that the murmur cannot be heard but the scan showed that it is still there.  She has to go back in 2 years and with luck it will defiantly be gone :-)


I passed my Psychology Open University Course yay!!!  

I am delighted with myself!  Just a few more courses and I will have a University qualification :-)  Im delighted with myself!!

I have no other news.  Jut thought Id better say 'Hello' in case you all thought I had run off somewhere!!

Bye for now y lovely friends in my lappy!!!

Love me

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Busy bees here!

Hello to you all!!

Wow it has been a while since I was last here!  I have missed you all :-)

I have not got much stitching done the last few week but I really don't mind at all because the kiddies and I have been having lots of fun in the lovely weather :-)  I will admit I have been mean and not let them out in the peak of the day but we have played out until way past bedtime lol.  So much cooler and then they don't get all moody in the heat!!  I must go through my memory card on my camera and post some photos!  Ryan took some really good photos today!  He is really getting into the photography so maybe a camera is required for Birthday or Christmas!!  He has been asking for one for a while and asked again today as he was charging around with mine lol  

James went over to my mum and dads in England on 30th June for 2 weeks with a week long holiday included to Spain with them and my sister and her 16 year old twins.  well after they all got back from Spain James spent a few days texting me trying to decide if he should stay there for a while lol!!  I knew he would want to stay once he got there!!  I thought it was us girlies that changed our minds!!  So James is staying there until the 20th August .... which means I have to go and collect his A-Level results in a few weeks time  .... hahaha James!!  Just shows how much he trusts me lol!!

Anyway, whilst he has been away I have been stitching (in between playing) this for James as he is really 'up' on his computer stuff and has taken a real liking to technology!  I know he will be amused at this kit lol ... 

Dictionary Of Technologhy
by Bothy Threads

I am about a 1/3rd of he way through the kit now!  I hope to have a good stitching session on it this weekend as the children are with their father.  I have until the 20th August to get as much done as I can but a few weeks after James is home the schools will be back anyway so I have plenty of time :-)  relax and enjoy the holidays and stitch when I can ... bliss!!

I received a beautiful had crocheted book cover with a notebook already snuggled up inside it from a wonderful and close friend of mine ... she knows me well ... its yellow lol!!  I love yellow!!

Crocheted book cover gift
for me :-) 

I have stitched a chart from the mini Michael Powell chart book I received from Jan for my birthday but I forgot to take a photo of it so I will do that tomorrow and post a photo!!

I suppose I have better get to bed!!  With the children going to bed later we are getting up later and our sleep pattern is out of sync ... but hey its the holidays lol!!

Keep safe in this sunshine!!

Enjoy :-)

Love me

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Birthday Gifts

Hello all!!

I thought I would show off my beautiful birthday gifts :-)

Today I was 42 oooo scary!  I think from next year I will start going backwards haha!!

CD's from the Kids
Fabric was a little present from me to me lol

From My Fab friend Jan

From My lovely friend and SAL partner in crime Steph

From My Good friend Karen

Flowers, from kids and my cards

Today I have been totally spoiled to bits :-)  I have a wonderful big daughter whom organised my birthday surprises from herself and little ones.  She done a great job too!  The little ones father never organised anything from the little children so its just as well Laura knew him so well and did it herself!!  Think I'll stop organising stuff for the little kids father as he never organise things for them!!  Alls fair in that I think!!!

Laura is my rock and also pinching my lovely car now she has passed her driving 

Anyway, back to the nice stuff ... I got fantastic cards and gifts from wonderful friends.

My lovely friend Jan, my bessie, sent me a Michael Powell cross stitch chart book and I have a chart lined up to do after my blogging.  I have known Jan since 2007 and she is a fantastic friend to myself and children.  Although we have never met I feel like I have known her all my life :-)  My children have taken to her very much and infact Cara's middle name after Jan.  Oh Jan, we think the world of you xxx .... Oh Jan a Michael Powell mini RR lol 

Now then Steph of stephies stitching is my wonderful stitching friend, again whom I've never met, but we get on like a house on fire.  It was Steph that got me hooked on Joan Elliott. She is a naughty girl for doing that lol!!  thank you Steph for my wonderful parcel :-) xxx

Karen sent me a big tin of coffee and a mug :-)  Now then the tin of coffee is because she is always in our house.  One afternoon Karen phoned to say she was on her way for coffee and Katie said "Does Karen not have coffee in her house?"  Ha ha Katie good one!!  So it is now a standing joke that Karen has no coffee!!!    Thank you Karen for 'our' coffee and mug xxx

On a sadder note, this day 11 years ago my Grandma (mums mum) passed away.  I have lit a candle for her every year since.

I think next year I will need a new candle lol!!

Grandad and Grandma
In Loving Memory for my Grandma

Today was a brilliant day, lots of lovely presents and parcels xxx
I could not have asked for more or better!!

Well I'm off to stitch a Michael Powell design :-)

Love to all

Have a look at ....

Ryans Arty Blog 

Ryan is my 9 year old son and he wanted me to look at his blog before he went to bed lol :-)

Give Ryan a shout "Hello" and tell him to get making and crafting because he is totally brilliant at it!

I must get him to post some of the pictures he has done as they are a good for his age!!


Monday, 8 July 2013

What a weekend!! and TUSAL

Hi all!!

Oh yeah ... the man did it!!!  Totally delighted and the cheers went u in my house!

Conor seems to have taken a great interest in Tennis over the last two weeks ... Great stuff Conor!!

Congratulations to Andy 

Needless to say that my stitching has taken a back seat the last two weeks but over the last week I have got a little done on the surprise for James

As 7th July

Here is my TUSAL ...

As 8th July
Ryan is waiting for the computer so I5 will leave it here for now and get some stitching done whilst its calm and quiet here!!

Have a great day all