Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What I have done and an (unexpected) Finish

Hello there!

This last week I have done n exchange piece, which I cant show you just yet :-) plus started a 2nd Exchange. Then has an unexpected finish!!!  Let me explain ....

I am doing the Margaret Sherry Lovers Blog SAL and Katie decided she wanted what I had stitched and that she didn't want anymore of the doggies on the fabric ... so I thought "OK" ... so I have an unexpected finish!  Since as much or as little of the chart can be stitched so I did not see the point in stitching something that wouldn't be put to good use!  lol

So here is my MS Doggie

MS Lovers Blog SAL

I also took part in the MS Lovers Blog Anniversary Exchange and my partner has now received her gifts :-)

This is what I sent to my partner :-)

MS Cat in mug

All the parcel goodies

I will admit I love exchanges and I am hooked and must have a sneaky look about for some more!!

Well, we have a few days left of the School Summer Holidays and the kids are starting to get restless now.
Some cant wait to go back and others don't want to go back lol!!  Oh well, we cant please them all haha
We are all set and ready for return on Monday.

This week James started his driving lessons, Laura has been looking about for a car and me ... well you will never guess what I did?  Do you give up? .... bet you do lol

I enrolled at the local college for Math and Computer courses :-)  I cannot wait to get started!!   It will mean a little less stitching time but I think it is so worth the work!  Plus I have OU courses waiting to start in October!!  Study Study Study but good good good!  I really need to sort a rotation of my stitching out ... see Stephies Stitching as she wrote a post about it lol!  I'm a copy cat haha!!  Also see her finish ... its fantastic :-)

Conor and I collected a whole pile of photos and stitching I had taken to the framers over the summer so we had a re-arrange of the 'walls' and a large print I had in the living room Katie wanted in her room so that's where she chased James off too with a hammer and nail lol!!  Go Katie - you boss James about and keep him busy!!  Whilst we were going to framers Conor took his penguin and one of his karate dogs with certificate!  He is now excited waiting to get them back!  

Well, no other news at all!  

Have a great time, be good and happy crafting :-)

Love me

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Take a look ...

Hello there

My friend Steph from Stephies Stitching Blog and I have been having a big chat about all out WIP's and UFO's that we have and needless to say we are a little shocked at what we have started lol!!

Steph has posted on her blog asking about how other stitchers do rotations etc and do they work.

She has explained it better in her post :-

Help!! So many WIP's!!

so have a read and if you have any suggestions please post a comment on her blog and let her (and me) know :-)

Rotation/routine/organisation for us both is required hahaha!!

No1 rule - don't start anything else before finishing something! Oh that reminds me I need to start Ryan's dragon ooooo!!!


Not much stitching going on here.  Roll on 3rd September when normal routine starts again!

Bye for now

Love me

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Penguin, Children Home and Hermit weekend


Wow it has been quite a few days since my last update!! 

The kiddies are home and have been for nearly a week now and wow weeee its great having them back but Oh Boy what a mess!!!

First of all they had a total blast but I will admit I am furious because they didn't have a wash/bath/shower whilst away .... oh yes kids made up but goodness they were piggin dirty and smelly!!  What made things worse was Conor had a skin infection on his face.  Even Conor asked why his dad didn't take him to the Doctor!!  

Goodness me  .... totally ridicules and really no need for the state they came home in!!!  One of the children in particular has had a really bad attitude since they came home.  Grrrr 

On a nicer note .... the kids love their organised and sparkling clean rooms and to my total amasement they have kept them tidy!  I got them boxes for under their beds for toys and they have kept the toys in them :-) I even had the sense to get a big box for the lego and that even gets put away so my feet are delighted .... no more standing on tiny pieces of lego lol!!  

I haven't managed anymore on my Fairy Grandmother and this is what she looked like last Sunday

As 11th August

Conor is Penguin mad so I stitched this for him to cheer him up.
He wants to get it framed and up on his wall. Conor ... the framing fairy (mummy) will be on to it ASAP lol

Penguin for Conor
Stitched 16 August 2013

I have started an exchange and done a Round Robin also the last week or so!  Busy Busy Busy!!

I will be carrying on with a second RR for Hermit Weekend 

Have a lovely weekend all!!

Love me

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Fairy Grandmother and TUSAL

Good Morning all,

Well over where I am it has been lovely weather until last night and then it poured with rain for hours!  It is still raining slightly which is a pain as I am off into town to get my hair cut this afternoon and then go and get most of the kids uniforms for September!!  Not long now until they are back in school!

The kiddies sound like they are having a blast with their father. Ryan has phoned everyday so far and sometimes phoned more than once lol!  Think he is missing us :-)  Spoke to the others too! Monday was a strange day as it was his birthday and there was not celebrations, cake or anything here as no one was home :-( James is still having a great time at my parents!!  

Yesterday was TUSAL day and I only remembered about it late last night!  So here is my TUSAL with all the threads so far from this year .... 

TUSAL as 6th August

I have spent a good few solid days stitching away on my Fairy Grandmother that has been a WIP for a long time!

At long last my Fairy Grandmother has a face!!  Her head will float until the very end as she has a collar of beads but I wont do them just yet.

Fairy Grandmother
as 6th August 2013

I hope to get more done on her over then net few days.  I will get some of the metallic threads in to fill in the gaps and make her look a little more full and complete!!  Also I will make a start on the second wing.  Lots of colour changes in the wings!  

I have a few exchanges to get finished too.  All systems go with the stitching this week!!

Have a great day all

Love me

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Happy Saturday to you

Hello there!

I hope you are all having a great day.  My 5 little kiddies have gone to their fathers for 9 days.  The house has gone so quiet lol!!

I intend to stitch on my Fairy Grandmother and see how much I can get done of her!  She has been a WIP for so long now that maybe she should actually be classed as a UFO!!!

I think I will do some more on her face and put some of the metallics in to make her look more like a lady!!

Here is a photo of the Michael Powell stitching I did last month!! I stitched on the yellow fabric Jan bought me but my camera is not too good on picking up fabric shades.

Vase of Hearts

From the Michael Powell book my very good
bessie bought me for my birthday.

My progress of James' surprise present Dictionary of Technology is coming along lovely!  I am really delighted with my progress.

Dictionary of Technology

I will put this one away for now to spend loads of uninterpreted time on my Fairy Grandmother.  I think by Monday I'll be wondering around the house like a little lost sheep lol  The kids didn't want me to go far from home in case they wanted to come back! This is the longest they have been away from home I will do as they wish as a 'just in case'!

Whats the bets they'll have such a great time away I wont hear a peep from them lol  Oh well next year I shall book myself a holiday if that's what happens :-)

Right then, I'm off to stitch on my Fairy Grandmother ... see you all soon :-)

Have a great weekend

Love me